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JL Engraving is a friendly, couple run business dedicated to producing beautiful hand engraved works of Art. Although still in its youth, JL Engraving has already made its mark in the world of glass engraving, bringing pleasure to a myriad of customers.

Catering to your specific needs in terms of design, glass and budget we are able to work together with you to produce something you will love and cherish for years to come.

Justin is the engraving artist and has always had a passion for Art and Design ever since his school days.  Through his enjoyment of pencil drawing and his love of Calligraphy he decided to put his artistic ability into glass engraving.  Using glass as his canvas and a drill as his chosen tool, he has honed his skills to produce the pieces of art that you see on this web site.

Justin has a highly creative imagination and is able to take a basic idea and develop it into something beautiful with his own engraving style and technique. He can also recreate existing images or artwork on to glass and crystal or enhance them with his own ideas and vision.

Unlike many glass engravers who commonly use stencils, sandblasting and computers to assist in their engraving, Justin prides himself on solely being a hand engraver using just the glass and his rotary drill to create the image. This unique approach to glass engraving means that when you commission a piece of work from JL Engraving you are creating a  truly original and unique engraving which can never be replicated.  JL Engraving can cater to all budgets and occasions.

Emma will be your first point of contact when commissioning an engraving or enquiring about our services. She will explain the commissioning process to you and discuss budgets, ideas, time scales and any other questions relating to your commission. She is always happy to answer any questions you might have.